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Joseph J. Mullen

(Efficient Cause)

Joseph Mullen Lute Making

Joseph has spent over a quarter a century researching and applying singing and vocal pedagogy. He has directed choirs and scholӕ for the Traditional Roman Liturgy for over 16 years.

For 18 years he was employed by Schulmerich Carillons Inc. and managed every aspect of Handbell and MelodyChime manufacturing in their Sellersville Pennsylvania facility. He is a luthier of historical instruments, and has been building ancient lutes, viols, and medieval fiddles for close to twenty years. An accomplished musician, he has demonstrated a level of proficiency as a lutenist, guitarist, composer and vocalist.

His passion for music, Scholastic Philosophy, and education in light of the seven Liberal Arts has led him to a unique perspective and understanding into the nature of singing and choral art.